Driving an effective sustainability initiative in a global decentralized organization

November 21st at 11 am CET

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How is KION Group engaging and aligning their subsidiaries on sustainability practices?

The importance of sustainability continues to grow rapidly. No longer seen as a nice-to-have discipline, sustainability has evolved into an integral business function responsible for reducing costs, mitigating business risk, protecting and improving brand reputation, driving revenue, and supporting innovation and growth.

The KION Group has realized the power of leveraging CSR practices and has integrated an effective sustainability initiative to oversee the performance of each of their subsidiaries and develop Group-wide improvement plans. But how do you achieve a balance between environmental, economic and social considerations across your subsidiaries?

Join us to hear from Dr. Holger Hoppe, Head of Sustainability Management at KION Group, on how to deploy a global sustainability strategy and foster adoption across the group’s subsidiaries.

Dr. Holger Hoppe
Head of Sustainability Management
KION Group

Natalie Biringer
Membership Sales


In the webinar you will learn:

  • Building the case for a sustainable business: Lessons learned from Kion Group

  • What targets and expectations are being set: How to enable your local driven implementation

  • What, how and when to measure subsidiaries’ performance towards the group’s standards

  • The benefits of setting CSR performance standards across subsidiaries

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