Each of the 45,000+ EcoVadis customers - whether procurement organizations or small and medium supply chain partners - has a sustainability story to share.

In this short movie series you’ll hear from the voice of EcoVadis customers from the buyer and supplier communities opening up on their challenges and ambitions, and the reasons behind their decision to choose EcoVadis as preferred partner along their sustainability journey.

What motivates procurement and sustainability managers to drive ambitious programs to instill sustainable practices among thousands of supply chain partners worldwide?

How is sustainable procurement impacting the way business partners collaborate at all levels of the value chain - from large and medium-sized enterprises to small, family-run businesses around the world?

“Supply Chain brings a huge amount of complexity, you have to deal with human rights, climate change, water security, bribery and corruption… we made a lot of progress but there’s still a huge amount to be done”
-John Elkington, Author, Co-Founder at Volans, EcoVadis Scientific Committee Member

Part 1:
Sustainable Procurement practitioners: instilling sustainability through global supply chains

Watch Sustainable Procurement managers from two EcoVadis customers - Heineken and IPCoop / Subway - sharing insights on the ambitions, challenges and achievements of their sustainable supply chain programs.

“We work with businesses in international markets in South America, in Central America, in Europe and Asia, and so all those different markets you have different regulations, and that proved to be a huge challenge for us”
-David Burrows - Sustainability Supply Chain Manager, IPCOOP SUBWAY

“When you work with a big supply chain like ours - with almost 100,000 suppliers globally - it becomes very important to understand to what extent our suppliers work in line with our core values”
-Laura Taal Sustainable Procurement Manager, HEINEKEN

Part 2:
Small and Medium Enterprises: how suppliers engage with clients on sustainability

The CEOs of two medium-sized companies using EcoVadis as suppliers - Cafiver, a coffee producer in Mexico and Chinese chemical company Honhok - open up about how their sustainability engagement and how EcoVadis is helping them.

“The complexity with working with small producers in this field is that coffee business is a family business, and as such it might involve child labor. We work to make them understand that children need to be involved in others activities such as school.”
-Alejandro Lázzeri - Managing Director, CAFIVER

“EcoVadis helped us put our Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality system in order … we removed duplicate and inefficient documentation from our processes, reducing costs”
-Zhenwei Guo - General Manager, HONHOK

Part 3:
Shaping the future of Sustainable Supply Chains

"People will look to business to deliver change agendas and this will be cascaded right the way through the supply chain."
-John Elkington CEO and Co-Founder, VOLANS

"We have more than 70.000 suppliers, and I'm just talking about tier one. Knowing this very large scope, I need people around me to help me drive my action plans."
-Regine Lucas Chief Procurement Officer, L'Oréal

"With EcoVadis we all are using a consistent approach to look at environmental, social and governance factors not only in our own operations but also with our suppliers and even customers."
-Charlene Wall-Warren Sustainability Director, BASF

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